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box spec

Standard size receptacles not included, latch secures front doors and complimentary rubber recycle logos provided.

One size: 54 W x 28 D x 40 H

Gas springs assist with the lifting motion of the lids,

the aluminum diamond plate floor holds contents

above ground. 

Durable powder coat finish

Designed to complement and blend with traditional settings. Tidy up your front

porch or patio by keeping trash cans out of sight.

The self contained bin is made of non rusting materials with top lids and front doors that fully open for easy cleaning. For small size properties, a combination of regular and slim receptacles can meet your needs. Receptales are not included.

Optional locks:  $25 ea 

Local NYC truck delivery: $75 ea *

* Tolls and surcharges may apply

classic design features

Movable for access to clean around and under the bin

Non rusting materials and hardware 

two side by side metroboxes require 9 ft

Price:  $1,300 

fully accessible and easy to operate

printable doc

printable doc

One 32 gallons receptacle used for regular waste and two slim receptacles used for recycling can fit into a metrobox. Be sure the slim receptacle measures no more than 22 w x 11 d x 30 h

32 gallons                           23 gallons

Optional key operated locks for top lids are

keyed alike, two keys provided per lock.



Please read the instructions in the link below.


Locks require periodic oiling to keep the keys 

from sticking. Use de-icing fluid to avoid

freezing during winter months.


Holds two 32 gallons size round receptacles or one 32 gallons size and two 23 gallons slender ones

Receptacles not included

Fitted with gas springs for easy

lifting of top lid, not a soft close mechanism

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